WeBSS Mission

Students will participate physically, intellectually and socially within a balanced and rigorous environment to accomplish challenging goals in a diverse society.

WeBSS Belief Statement

Sports, Business, Wellness, Human Services, and Health Occupations provide physical, social and intellectual educational opportunities for all students.

Through the pursuit of rigorous academic goals, all students are prepared to succeed in a diverse society. Technology is integral to the teaching and learning process in our school. Success in all curricular areas requires students to be effective readers, writers, speakers, and listeners. Cross-curricular themes and project-based curricula create authentic learning experiences and motivate students.

Participation in a diverse learning community (including participation in extra-curricular activities) creates resilient, competent, and engaged contributors to society.

Healthy lifestyle choices make for a happier and more successful life.

Our School

WeBSS allows students to explore their interest in topics such as sports, business/technology, wellness, human services, and health occupations. Internships are coordinated with local businesses, health services and other professional organizations to give students experience in areas of particular interest to him or her. School and community involvement is an integral part of the WeBSS school. Seniors complete a project that satisfies several graduation requirements. Innovative teaching methods and strong academic standards prepare students for life after high school in a diverse society.

Students have the opportunity to earn college credits through rigorous course work through Advanced Placement, and “College Credit Now”. Through partnerships with Chemeketa Community College, other courses may be accessible as well. There are a variety of core classes offered in Spanish. We anticipate that core class offerings in Spanish will grow in the future.