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About WeBSS

In 2007 Woodburn High School divided into four themed small schools. The Wellness, Business, and Sports School, or WeBSS was one of these schools. The vision of those who created the theme was to use team concept in sports, the understanding of healthy bodies and lifestyles, and the basic principles of business to help students fulfill the mission of the Woodburn School District.
With this vision, WeBSS was quick to improve achievement on state standards and has consistently done well since the beginning of small schools. US News & World Report ranked WeBSS as a top school in Oregon multiple times since 2012 and the Oregon Department of Education has regularly shown WeBSS to rate high in graduation, attendance, and Advanced Placement (AP) participation rates.
From the founding of WeBSS, a variety of college credit opportunities have been available. Our AP classes have been offered to prepare our students in: Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, Spanish Literature, English Literature, Calculus, US History, and American Government. Our students continue to perform well with their AP scores and prove their dedication to their education. Students are also provided college credit opportunities via Willamette Promise in Pre-Calculus and Spanish.
Intramurals is an integral part of WeBSS. This program allows for students across grade level to interact with each other in a semi-competitive environment where they learn new sports, the values of cooperation and team spirit. Some of the more popular intramural sports are ultimate frisbee, hockey, indoor soccer, ping pong, volleyball, basketball, touch football, and the end of the year Olympics competition. Intramurals contributes to the collaborative & caring relationships developed at WeBSS that we leverage to increase our achievement and strengthen our learning community.
The Wellness program in WeBSS is a strong component that attracts those students who are interested in careers in the medical field. WeBSS has created a partnership with OHSU that gives students the opportunity to travel to the OHSU campus to engage in hands-on activities and interact with medical professionals. The Medical Terminology, Health Occupations, and Human Anatomy and Physiology classes help develop students' interest in these fields and prepare them for post secondary education.
The Business program introduces students to a wide variety of opportunities available. Sports Marketing, Tech in the Workplace, and other business oriented classes prepare our students for further study at university or exploration of starting their own business. Marketing classes allow students to interact with local businesses and community members to help promote business plans and create mini partnerships with the school. DECA is an after school club where students continue to learn and display business practices and compete at state and national level competitions.
While the three main tenets of WeBSS; Wellness, Business, and Sports are attractive to many students coming from the middle schools, the greatest asset WeBSS offers to its students is the relationships created with each other and staff. We are a family-like group, dedicated to building each other up and celebrating the successes, big or small, of each person in our family.
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Title 1a Information

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WeBSS Mission & Vision Statement

WeBSS Mission
Students will participate physically, intellectually and socially within a balanced and rigorous environment to accomplish challenging goals in a diverse society.
WeBSS Belief Statement
Sports, Business, Wellness, Human Services, and Health Occupations provide physical, social and intellectual educational opportunities for all students.
Through the pursuit of rigorous academic goals, all students are prepared to succeed in a diverse society. Technology is integral to the teaching and learning process in our school. Success in all curricular areas requires students to be effective readers, writers, speakers, and listeners. Cross-curricular themes and project-based curricula create authentic learning experiences and motivate students.
Participation in a diverse learning community (including participation in extra-curricular activities) creates resilient, competent, and engaged contributors to society.
Healthy lifestyle choices make for a happier and more successful life.
Our School
WeBSS allows students to explore their interest in topics such as sports, business/technology, wellness, human services, and health occupations. Internships are coordinated with local businesses, health services and other professional organizations to give students experience in areas of particular interest to him or her. School and community involvement is an integral part of the WeBSS school. Seniors complete a project that satisfies several graduation requirements. Innovative teaching methods and strong academic standards prepare students for life after high school in a diverse society.
Students have the opportunity to earn college credits through rigorous course work through Advanced Placement, and “College Credit Now”. Through partnerships with Chemeketa Community College, other courses may be accessible as well. There are a variety of core classes offered in Spanish. We anticipate that core class offerings in Spanish will grow in the future.